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Pinzgauer Green Makeover

a truck in a room

“Gennie” is clean and green.  Our Pinzgauer had an engine makeover at Passion Performance in Cashiers NC. last year.  To help keep the forest and our guests healthy we run on 100%   liquid propane gas, LPG.

Using LPG creates appreciably less carbon dioxide (CO2) than unleaded petrol.

CO2 is the primary greenhouse gas causing long term climate change.

Diesel CO2 emissions are 29.2% higher than LPG whilst petrol is 26.8% higher than LPG.

LPG cars also produce 95% less ozone and smog-causing NOx than diesel engines.

The dirty black smoke that we see coming from diesel and petrol vehicles is fine particulate matter. These fine particles may be deeply inhaled into the lung, carrying with them a collection of hazardous compounds.

Experts at the World Health Organisation (WHO) say engine exhaust fumes are carcinogenic.

One of the key environmental advantages of LPG Autogas over diesel and petrol is the near-absence of particulate matter (PM) emissions.

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